Yuval Yairi

Yuval Yairi


Yuval Yairi (born in Israel 1961) lives and works in Jerusalem. He studied visual communication at the WIZO College Haifa (1984-1988), director of a design studio in Jerusalem (1988-1999), produced and directed short films and documentaries until 2004. Since 2004 Yairi devotes his work to research and artistic activity, primarily in mediums of photography and video.

The subjects of Yairi’s work relate to Places, and his gaze – whether it’s a historical place, cultural, personal or political – explores these places in context of memory.
A Leper Hospital or a writer’s library, an abandoned Arab village, a cheap hotel-room or a museum undergoing renovations – transform through his personal perspective, of deconstructing and recomposing spaces, times and events.
Yairi’s works are exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals in Israel and abroad, and are in public and private collections.

Selected exhibiotions
2018 | Unseen,Podbielski Contemporary, Amsterdam
2018 | We Are One World, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles
2018 | Tzurah – sguardi dentro Israele, Jewish museum of Casale Monferrato
2017 | Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa
2017 | Undefined Spaces, Podbielski Contemporary, Berlin
2016 | Surveyor, solo exhibition, Epsten Gallery, Kansas City
2016 | Cologne Off, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles
2015 | Sanctuary, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL

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