An Ordinary Life

Past Exhibition

Podbielski Contemporary proudly presenting:

An Ordinary Life

Leandro Quintero

9th February 2013 – 16th March 2013

9th Februar – 16th March, 2013

Opening, 8th February, 7 pm

The sharp irony, direct simplicity and dislocated allure of Leandro Quintero‘s meta-aesthetic visual collages, trace a connection with an earlier generation of re/perceivers, like David Lynch, Juergen Teller or Wolfgang Tillmans. The redescription of the camera as the keyhole of a private room, spying uncanny details. The images in Leandro Quintero‘s first solo exhibition in Berlin at Podbielski Contemporary in cooperation with the online gallery are harmoniously hanged in a poetic dialogue with eachother and show neither dogma, nor philosophy, nor method, just his “mind‘s eye”. The foreroom, inflated by airs of loneliness, darkness and terror, presents a glance into Leandro‘s roam through the streets. Looking around one seems to be lost. While in the gallery‘s back room dominates the verticality and ascendent lines of their symbols, as if trying to find an escape route. This enlightened eye, the divine car, the neverending corridor or that burnt fabric, are some of the “Genius Loci” presented by the artist. These objects and places posses a metaphysical presence and manifests a spiritualization of modern life. It bring us closer to the objects, places and people, both physically and in our consciousness. These elements are part of what Joseph August Lux called “Treasure Chest Icons” (Seelenbilder).The power of these Seelenbilder, draws from the fact that they link the “external picture of life” (äusseres Lebensbild) and an “internal spiritual state” (innere seelische Verfassung). Traces of the past that speak out to the modern worlds and help to break between past and present. He has the difficult task of seeing and his natural and fresh modesty is a strong stamp of orginality. Leandro Quintero (b. 1978, Buenos Aires) studied at the National School of Photography in Buenos Aires with Jorge Monaco. He moved to London in 2001 where he lived for more than 10 years. In this period he has done contributions to Photo España (2005), worldwide magazines and exhibitions in UK. Since 2012 lives and works in Berlin. Text by Ana Sánchez de Vivar In cooperation with Auriga.