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Subjective Landscapes highlights recent projects by two Italian Artists: Francesco Jodice (Naples 1967, photography, video and installation) and Pierluigi Pusole (1963, painter) and Loredana Nemes (1973, photography).

Francesco Jodice is presently shown in a retrospective “Panorama” at Camera, Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Torino, curated by Francesco Zanot. It highlights 20 years of artistic endeavors ranging from photography, videos to installations, investigating the contemporary geopolitical stage. Pierluigi Pusole is one of the most regarded Italian mid-career painters. His latest project P16will be shown at our gallery in June 2016. Among his more important participations are the Biennale di Venezia, curated by Renato Barilli in 1990, and Palazzo Reale, Milano, 2007. What both artists show are two different positions on Contemporary Italian Landscape. They differ in their use of media: photography vs. work on paper, and their concept.

Pierluigi Pusole creates from his visionary imagination places that don’t exist and convey a hidden dimension, enhanced by his technical diagrams and equations. As if the beauty of nature could be measured. His source of inspiration is the romantic German tradition (Caspar David Friedrich) but also his personal observation and research from scientific and mathematical archives.

Francesco Jodice‘s original reinterpretation of monumental landscapes appears supernatural in a first reading, but beyond their heroic appearance, they bear a hidden dark side (lato oscuro). In his latest series, Sunset Boulevard, he observes the last great Western Empire, rediscovering the traces of a majestic geological antiquity.

What is striking in the dialogue between both artists is also their reflection on the line of horizon, both pursuing a most original reading of the visible: conscious and unconscious, the reality and the dream and how to relate to the visible

8 – 10 NOVEMBER 2016

Lingotto Fiere | Torino