Podbielski Contemporary proudly presenting:

Yuval Yairi | Surveyor
feat. Agnese Purgatorio | Premio Anima Award winning artist

Yuval Yairi’s fascinating images were brought to my attention for the first time recently, at Art Miami, and then again last autumn when visiting his gallery and exhibition ”Surveyor”, in Tel Aviv. The surveyor’s role, which the artist has performed when at the army for years as an aerial scout at peacetime and mostly during wars, has left a deep and traumatic imprint on him, to the point of a split into two personas: the artist and the surveyor.
This project is the result of a very personal analysis on Israel’s territory, history and inevitably politics, and finally identity. The issues he raises are universal: the core of the human desire to roam, search, explore and inquire, to orient oneself and to discover.

Presenting the project as a one man show gives us the opportunity to display not only the single intriguing images but also the genesis of his artistic creation: stunning sketches, drawings, diagrams, models, artifacts and tools, which all reveal his creative process such as it can be seen in his studio. A Wunderkammer of sorts specifically recreated within our booth.
The poetics of Yairi is his artistic ability to use disruption and assembly to create an accumulative photography of a timeless space.

Yuval Yairi (born in Israel 1961) lives and works in Jerusalem. He studied visual communication at the WIZO College Haifa (1984-1988), director of a design studio in Jerusalem (1988-1999), produced and directed short films and documentaries until 2004. Since 2004 Yairi devotes his work to research and artistic activity, primarily in mediums of photography and video. The subjects of Yairi’s work relate to Places, and his gaze – whether it’s a historical place, cultural, personal or political – explores these places in context of memory. A Leper Hospital or a writer’s library, an abandoned Arab village, a cheap hotel-room or a museum undergoing renovations – transform through his personal perspective, of deconstructing and recomposing spaces, times and events. Yairi’s works are exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals in Israel and abroad, and are in public and private collections.

3 – 5 NOVEMBER 2017

Lingotto Fiere | Torino