Dubravka Vidovic was born in1970 in Zadar, Croatia. She lives and works between Shanghai and Milan.

At the beginning of her career Vidovic debuted in the 11 Youth Salon at the Art Gallery National Museum (Zadar, Croatia) and won the first prize. In 2013 she was bestowed the T-HT Award at The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. The T-HT Award is without a doubt one of the most significant exhibition of contemporary art in Croatia. Over 200 works from artists of all ages and expressions were recieved with only a selection of 38 works that were exhibited in the goal to provide a representative and quality insight into the recent production of visual art in Croatia. By 2014 some of her works were assimilated into the permaneny collection of the prestigious MEF Museum Ettore Fico (Turin, Italy). Despite such a successful path she directed her artistic endeavour to China, where she has been represented by major art institutions such as ArtCn Anne Cecile Noique Gallery (Shanghai), Meilian Museum (Shenzhen) and K11 Art Mall (Shanghai) to mention a few.



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