Born in Romania in 1972, Loredana Nemes first studied German and Mathematics in Aachen before turning exclusively to photography as an autodidact in 2001. Since then she lives in Berlin and works on photographic series, which she develops over a longer period of time.
Nemes’ approach is not scientifically cool, but emotionally sensitive. Her photographs captivate not only through the authenticity of their depiction, but also through their artistic visual language, for Nemes seeks a suitable form of photographic expression for each cycle. She constantly questions the medium of photography, its limits and possibilities, and adapts them to the themes of her work: Identity, gender, cultural differences and emotions such as greed, fear, love.
The last three culminated in a large solo exhibition of the same name, which Loredana Nemes showed at the Museum Berlinische Galerie in 2018 and in which the artist for the first time presented abstract works as well as her own texts in addition to her portrait photographs.



Loredana Nemes

Loredana Nemes

“Greytree and Heavensea”: Loredana Nemes solo show

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