Roberto Cotroneo (b. 1961, Italy) is an italian photographer, writer, literary critic and publisher. He has been among the protagonists of the Italian cultural life since the end of the 1980s. From 1985 to 2003 he worked at L’Espresso and for several years he directed its cultural pages. He also collaborated with Sette del Corriere della Sera, signing the Blowin in the Web column. He has written many novels and essays, translated all over the world among which stands Presto con fuoco (1995), Otranto (1997), The perfect age (1999), This love (2006), And not even a regret. Chet Baker’s Secret (2011), Nothing Personal (2018). Among the essays: If a child on a summer morning (1994), Ask me who the Beatles were (2003), The dream of writing (2014), The inverted gaze. How photography is changing our lives (2015). Caravaggio’s invention (2018). The demon of perfection (2020). Today he is the editor for the Italian fiction of the Neri Pozza publishing house. His photographic work is partly collected in a book entitled Genius Loci (2017), and published by Contrasto. He exhibited his photographs at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome (GNAM) in an exhibition entitled Genius Loci in 2017, at the Otranto Castle and until August 2020 at Palazzo Reale in Milan: Nel Teatro dell’Arte.



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