“Greytree and heavensea”

Nov 30th, 2023 – feb 22nd, 2024

In her latest series Greytree and Heavensea, 2019-2023, Loredana Nemes wanders through the calm nature of the island of Rügen. 
Using her usual palette of colors with infinite grays and exclusively in portrait format, she captures this beech forest, its clearings, and the views of the sea in the cycle of the four seasons. 
The viewer is left amazed, almost meditating in front of these detailed silver gelatin prints, becoming part of a symphony, a total work of art.
An intense and poetic experience lived through a spirit of analytical observation, capable of capturing the purest beauty of a nature both ancient and fragile.

@Loredana Nemes, Graubaum / Greytree #10
@Loredana Nemes, Graubaum / Greytree #55