Mia Photo Fair 2017

Mia Photo Fair 2017

Past Fair

Podbielski Contemporary proudly presenting:



from MARCH 10th to 13th 2017

(born 1968 in Munich, Germany) lives and works in Berlin.
On display will be works from her series „Dark Whispers“ & „Tea Time in Tehran“. Minda deals with the relationship between private space, memory and history. She explores peoples’ relationship to the spaces that surround them, placing them in their socio-political context, to create photographic works that are able to capture the atmospheric density of a place.
(born 1982 in Zefat, Israel) lives and works in Berlin.
On display will be works from „Wagenburg“ & „Near Conscious“. Both series tell about life – without words, endearing, melancholic but never without hope and confidence. ”The moment I capture in my photographs is not a private moment but a moment of human weakness which enables to find reality within a split second.“ (N.Shtainer) The contradiction between intimacy and foreign life is for Shtainer a reflection on her own life.
(born 1965 in Zweibrücken, Germany) lives and works in Berlin.
“In my work I reveal the different layers of history, mythology and the present, to create a narrative image. A form of visual archaeology, at times blending or colliding with imminent social, political and ecological realities. In this
way the picture becomes also a place for the imaginary and projection. It appears like a film set, pending in a limbo somewhere between reality and imagination, past and present.” (A. Lang)
JOVANA POPIC (Guest Artist)
(born 1977 in Zadar, Croatia) currently lives and works in Berlin.
Her primary interest as an artist is to create space within an artwork, which lends a unique, archetypal, specific territory that provides a foundation for reflecting on universal phenomena, such as identity in connection to a place, production and relativity of knowledge, decomposition of language, the void of human presence and decay of space.
(born 1965 in Belgrade, Serbia) lives and works in Canada.
On display will be a selection of works produced since 2008, featuring walls, facades and interiors of ancient and modern buildings. Devoid of narration, Andric’s works revolve around the concepts of insurmountable limit (the wall), of emptiness (the interiors) and of absence (life devoid of human presence).



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