Natascha Küderli

Natascha Küderli


Natascha Küderli was born July 30th 1970 in Zürich, Switzerland, today lives and works in Munich, Germany. The daughter of a German mother and a Swiss father spent her school years in Switzerland, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.
Soon she began to take a growing interest in art and architecture, studying architecture at Erfurt- College of higher education and at The Berlage Institute in Amsterdam.

She enhanced her theoretical skills throughout a number of architecture, nature and movement related travels. This is where she created her concept, based on observations of form, light, space and structure. Her unusual way of bringing movement into analogue photography enables her to apply this medium in order to tell stories. Natascha Küderli’s ongoing artistic development bridges the gap to architecture, bringing out the vital artistic elements & aspects of that discipline; thus the focus on “art and architecture”, her logo. These are not merely terms, but depictions of her personal stance, conviction and vocation.

Selected works


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