Podbielski Contemporary proudly presenting:


16 JUNE – 3 SEPTEMBER 2016

The show displays an important group of drawings that testify the typical dualism in Pusole’s paintings, in which essence and existence, real and imaginary, visible and invisible communicate in order to create a dreamlike universe.

“The Turin artist moves the tortuous and complex paths of Nature, investigated and analyzed on two different levels: mimesis and scientific research. It is precisely this combination becomes concept, image and sign a project that explores the possible metamorphosis of nature, which summarizes in diagrams, signs, “molecules” primary structures of reality. Pusole, therefore, does not represent the reality, but it “creates” another reality. The “modular elements” of the paper create open windows on visionary and intense scenes. A *pluricettivo* short circuit that attracts the viewer into the work space, which pushes the eye to enter into the color textures, paper, to travel in a universe of signs and symbols. Pierluigi Pusole’s work is, thus, a hallucination metamorphic reality, the creation of a “beyond” outside time and space.”

(Alessandro Demma)

Pierluigi Pusole was born in 1963 in Torino, where he lives and works.
In 1986 he began to exhibit his works and to take part in important collective shows. (Il Cangiante, 1987; Aperto 1990 alla Biennale di Venezia; Anni Novanta, 1991; Dodici pittori italiani, 1995; Cambio di guardia, 1996; Ultime generazioni, 1996; Antologia, 1996; Studio Arte Cannaviello, 2015), standing out as one of the most original and mature voices of the new italian painting scene.