9-12 Nov 2023
booth F07

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Podbielski Contemporary presents a journey through time and space with photographs by two artists, SILVIA CAMPORESI and FRANCESCO JODICE, 
whose work has been shown at the gallery over the years, together with GABRIELE BASILICO, 
one of the most authoritative interpreters of 20th century Italian photography.
The natural landscape, portrayed by Camporesi in Mirabilia, features the uncontaminated: volcanoes, rivers, seas, woods, salt deserts and mountains. 
The manmade landscape, portrayed by Basilico throughout his work and by Jodice in What We Want,
 is the landscape impacted by cities, factories, roads and bridges and farming - all created to satisfy human needs. 
Marc Augé, in Gabriele Basilico’s Metropolis, writes: 
“Tomorrow the world will be urban; it already is. That is no reason to dream of lost paradises: they are always illusory, they have never existed. 
We have lost nothing; we have everything to gain and, consequently, everything to imagine”.
Silvia Camporesi
Francesco Jodice
Gabriele Basilico