Past Fair

Podbielski Contemporary proudly presenting:

Beatrice Minda – DARK WHISPERS (work in progress)

The oldest still inhabited houses in Myanmar date back to the beginning of the twentieth century and to a social context marked by colonialism. Besides a few sparse reminders of the contemporary world, the private interiors of these houses contain numerous traces of former times. In many cases these are objects that have been left untouched for decades, which bear witness to the cosmos of a lost world. However, between the then and the now lie chasms. These spaces are imbued with an uncanny sense of emptiness. Dark whispers echo through them – a memento mori, a reminder of Burmese history hidden from view. The rooms bear witness to an earlier wealth, to adaptation and repression, and become ‘sets’ for films in which the lives of the inhabitants and their ancestors are played back in our minds. 

Loredana Nemes – Blützezeit

While I worked in Ludwigsburg in spring 2012 the nature around me exploded. The first time I lived the spring with every cell of my body. Sitting under a cherry tree enriched by millions of rose blossoms I discovered the first little tooth in my daughter Alma’s mouth. The intensity of this time is visible in the images. The fragility and strength of life is in the blossoms as well as in the faces of the young people I portrayed. And everything is deeply connected to the fact, that I was a 7-month-old mother.

All the portraits were taken on the streets, in front of empty neutral walls, some moments after I meet the teenagers. 


June 14th 2016 – June 18th 2016 | Booth Nr. 30